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Northeast Regional Leadership Team - Education & Inclusion Team Lead

Signup Deadline: 12-16-2022
Starts: 01-15-2023
Ends: 01-31-2024


The Education & Inclusion Team Lead strategically coordinates regional educational programs related to student development, professional development and associate development. 


Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Guides team members in the planning and execution of year-round educational efforts for the region in collaboration with national programming.  
  • Communicates with all volunteers under the Education umbrella throughout their volunteer experience to ensure tasks are completed and that they feel engaged with the planning process.  
  • With direction from the NACA Office, supervises the solicitation and review of educational programs at conferences and/or regional events.  
  • Communicates with the NACA Office on matters relating to regional educational programming. 
  • Ensures integration of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives throughout educational programs. 
  • Ensures the diversity of educational programs presented to the region.  
  • Recommends conference/event featured speakers to the office in conjunction with the Regional Leadership Team Chair and Events Team Lead.  
  • Serves as onsite host for featured speaker(s). 
  • Strongly encouraged to submit at least one educational program proposal for the conference.   
  • Assures that the Association’s Mission and Vision are reflected in the attendee experience by helping create an inclusive, hospitable environment where all attendees feel welcome and connected. This includes attending all conference and/or regional events and meetings to set the tone for attendee engagement. 
  • Attends all regularly scheduled regional meetings and conference calls as appropriate. 
  • Integrates NACA goals, initiatives, and relevant strategic plan objectives in all aspects of position responsibilities. 
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned and agreed upon with volunteer supervisor and/or NACA staff liaison. 



  • Supports NACA programs through attendance whenever possible. 
  • Attends conference and/or events within the region. 
  • Must be a full-time professional staff member at a NACA member institution. 
  • Must have approval from and support of their institution (note: support is defined as financial as well as time out of the office, etc.). 
  • If the volunteer changes jobs during the position’s term, the new school must also be a NACA member and provide a statement of support. The NACA Volunteer Development Manager must be informed of this change within two weeks and the new letter of support must be received at the NACA Office within 30 days of selection. If not a member school, the school must join as a member within  30 days of hiring 


Association Support:  

  • NACA Connect 
  • Zoom 
  • NACA Google Drives 
  • NACA Website Education Portal 


Term of Service/Time Commitment: 

  • January 1 – January 31of the following year 


Supervision Received:  

  • Regional Leadership Team Chair  


Supervision Exercised: 

  • Inclusivity Coordinator  
  • Educational Programs Coordinators 

NACA Staff Liaison:  

  • Director of Education & Research 



  • Relationship Development 
  • Networking and Business Relationships 
  • Training 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Recruitment and Retention 
  • Event Support 
  • Intentionality in Student Learning 
  • Volunteer and Staff Management 
  • Supervising 
  • Professional Development 

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

3-4 Years




Kimberly Leners
NACA Office

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