T'Edra Jackson


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T’Edra is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native that is passionate about equipping others to live a CROWNED life personally and professionally. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration: Management from Paul Quinn College in Dallas, TX, and her Master's of Science: Human Resources from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

She is the visionary and creator of KingssKid, Amazon Best Seller Author, lover of journal, travel, and meaningful relationships.

You can catch T’Edra stating, “Dr. Dre drop beats.. I drop jewels". jewels of knowledge and wisdom.

 Speaker | Mentor | Writer

Transparency in her speaking and writing

 The audience walks away with jewels of knowledge and wisdom that would propel them to seek or create crowning moments

 Biblical Based Writer and Speaker

 Break down a complex problem into bite-size information that the audience best receives it